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Every Batman Needs a Robin 2

August 8, 2016 — September 7, 2016


If Eden meets with assistants while in the East Coast then she’ll be able to foster connections between assistants that is directly applicable to their work.


Eden invites assistants to meet with her in person while she is on the East Coast.

Based on these meetings Eden  connects assistants to each other, via a invite for them to meet and talk.

Eden will share back notes and videos from the assistant meetings with Miles River.


Did Eden meet with assistants in NYC and DC?

Min Success = 2 meetings , Target Success = 3 meetings.


Set up 1-2 assistant one on one meetings.

Target Success: one assistant one on one meeting happens.


Assistants share how any of the above meetings were directly applicable to their work.


Having relationships with assistants and meeting with them in person eases logistics around Wye River.

Some assistants are interested in meeting with each other to share best practices and have a peer coaching exchange.




Keep engaging assistants, especially those who have expressed interest in Wye River.


Did two assistants meet and have a peer coaching call?


Thanks to @Alison, I connected Jon and Edwin and they seemed interested in meeting face-to-face (Jon was in NY). Supporting relationships between the assistants

#EBNAR2 I continue to be reminded of the importance of the “Robin’s” in the work we do and in our relationships with them! May had to pull out of 2/3 Wye planning calls. Edwin was able to jump in immediately and make sure we had an alternative call scheduled w/her. #EBNAR2

I saw and thanked Jon at Forward Together for his help with Wye River. I showed him the video of Eden and Edwin’s meeting in NYC and previewed that Eden is going to connect them since they do similar work. He was excited and is going to be in NYC soon. He referenced how having a connection with Edwin could help foster more organizational connection between Forward Together and, especially between EDs.


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