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August 1, 2016 — September 1, 2016


If  the engagement tracker is introduced and we reply to WhatsApp to Wye list serv with a “congrats, you got a point email” every time someone gets a point  then Wye Leaders will be more likely to engage in more one-on-one conversations.


Present scoreboard to leaders. Show them how to get points and  reiterate that we’re looking for one on one conversations.
AL/JT/EEK/EK to respond with points when we know about conversations.


How many people respond to the scoreboard generally?

How many people reply to Wye List Serv saying they are in ?

What are leaders reactions, if anything, about the scoreboard and competition?

Target =7 people respond in some way, min =3-6
Track the number of people who look at scoreboard on the STP Organizing Website through link.


There was a reaction overall to the centering of “winning” within the work of Wye River from one leader. Criticism highlighted how the issues Wye River addresses are complex and no a dichotomy.

Because of decreased communication from Miles River to the Wye River listserv, only one scoreboard announcement went out and it didn’t garner any specific responses. Therefore our experiment failed.



Continue to give positive reinforcement to Wye Leaders for engaging in conversations about Wye River.



#scoreboard experiment has been updated to reflect that we introduced a tracker via email. This is what @eugene sent out last Monday to the Wye List Serv pertaining to #scoreboard.

Please keep scheduling one-on-ones with each other and sharing! Current scoreboard since July:
May — 2
Mike — 1
Angelica — 1
Heather — 1
Ai-jen — 1
Anna — 1

Since then Gara responded with a concern about language use in regards to “winning” but didn’t explicitly mention the #scoreboard.

Sent an email to the Wye River list, and included a “scoreboard” at the end for the #scoreboard experiment. It wasn’t anything fancy or graphical — just a current list of leaders who have talked since the July ask went out.

Hashtag #scoreboard
Accountable Alison
Team Alison, Eugene, Eden, Jodie
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Modified September 8, 2016
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