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March 8, 2016 — March 11, 2016


If we record 2-4 minute video summaries of different parts of the meeting, then at least two Wye participants not present at the meeting (25%) will watch and appreciate these.


At the March 8-10, 2016 Wye River meeting in San Jose, CA, after every high-level module (morning + afternoon), Eugene will ask for 1-3 volunteers to synthesize the module on video. We will share the video on the Wye River list that day.


Count and analyze responses on the mailing list + one-on-one feedback.


  • People seemed to have enjoyed both watching and making the videos. Felt surprising and different. Some content in a short video, but especially good at conveying a feeling.
  • Need a better way to track whether or not people watched. Could have used a link in the email. Could also have just sent a quick email to the list asking if people watched, also including a list of the videos to watch in case they hadn’t. (The ultimate goal is to get people to watch, not to get a scientific count.)
  • Making and sharing the videos was straightforward, but we also had two people (Alison and Eugene) in the room relatively experienced with both cameras and YouTube. It might be a higher bar for others.


Experiment with incorporating videos into Wye design process



How might we stay engaged with each other in an ongoing basis?

At the WyeRiver meeting in March 2016, Wye leaders decided to sharpen their focus and come together to do long term planning together. There was strong consensus that in order to succeed, the network must try working in different shapes and move forward their work in between the two annual meetings.

This “how might we”question and the associated experiments are testing out different methods for communicating what work is happening and prompting increased engagement.

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