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Project Management

For Wye River and Black Lake, Miles River is using trello to track tasks. Individuals are responsible for moving their own trello cards. On Monday's the cards in the Done column from the previous week are archived by the person who is last to checkin on Slack.

Julia as project manager, is responsible for ensuring that syncing meeting notes next steps with Trello is complete within 24 hours of the meeting.

We expect everyone to keep their project task lists updated, and we will support each other in doing so. People are welcome to use whatever individual task management system works best for them.

Meeting Reminders

Eugene, Jodie, or Alison sends reminder with frame, details to DT mailing list

Julia to forward reminder to assistants.

Julia keeps attendees up-to-date in meetings log + calendar notes section.

Meeting Notes

We have two sets of meetings logs in Google Drive:

  • 🌀 Wye River: Meetings Log (open to all of Wye)
  • 🌀 Miles River: Meetings Log (open to Miles River) (where “XX” is the current month; Miles River )

Current Meeting Logs can be found on


At minimum, we capture next steps / decisions made for every meeting we have. These should be updated within 24 hours of the meeting (not counting weekends) so that they can be synchronized with people’s task lists and other documents. If they’re not yet updated, person responsible for taking notes marks the appropriate Decisions Made / Next Steps section “NU” for “needs updating.”

  • Decisions Made = cultural shift, pivot, larger item without a due date or single owner
  • Next Step = has an owner and a due date.

The format for recording a next step is [Owner's Initials] [Task], [Month/Day Due]. For example, AL update experiment dashboard with Lifting the Fog, 7/25.

For days with multiple meetings, all meetings with the exception of the first one will have the time of the meeting in Pacific Time.

Sharing Checklist

This checklist is especially important when sharing for broader consumption.

Consistency of formatting, both within a doc and across similar documents
Double-check all the sharing / access privileges, both logged in and logged out
Context within the doc should be clear for target audience