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We are the support team for Wye River's long-term planning process. We consist of STP staff and a team of consultants (who call themselves "Lake Wa" for mysterious reasons).

Shared Roles and Responsibilities

  • Share responsibility and do the work of Information Hygiene (and project management)
  • Contribute to culture, rhythm, and flow of team
  • Communicate, support, and challenge each other

Individual Roles

Silly Jodie.jpg

Jodie Tonita
Co-Founder, Executive Director
Social Transformation Project

Vegetarian; Aisle seat preferred

  • Oversees the Wye River network planning and experiments. Jodie is the D on the project.
  • Accountable for Fundraising, Team Management, Financial Oversight. Short-term, focus majority of time on fundraising.
  • Will be a part of design team meetings but time for project specific tasks will be limited in short term.
  • Managing and responsible for the STP team with Julia and Idelisse.
  • Maintain and activate key relationships with leaders.
Silly Julia.jpg

Julia Pinces
Program Coordinator
Social Transformation Project

No dietary restrictions; Aisle seat preferred

Schedule: Mon (half), Tues (off), Wed (half), Thurs (full), Fri (partial/flexible)

Project manager, Miles River
  • Work closely with Jodie & Eugene to make sure that our roadmap is thought through and that our collective tasks are organized, clear, and getting done.
  • Information Hygiene Taskmaster. Maintain clear, well understood buckets for our information and channels for communication. Make sure notes and artifacts are clean, up-to-date, and organized. Support others in improving their Information Hygiene. Create and maintain checklists where appropriate.
  • Primary for Miles River Trello
  • Constantly improve our tools and processes. Work closely with team to systematize our processes.
  • Manage meeting logistics: Venue management, communication leading up to meetings
  • Manage Wye meeting and experiment budget
Silly Eugene.jpg

Eugene Eric Kim
Head Janitor
Faster Than 20

No dietary restrictions; Aisle seat preferred

No Wednesday meetings except in special circumstances. At least 30 minutes between meetings.

  • Hold the project and the vision overall. Primary liaison to Jodie.
  • Tie-breaker for Lake Wa. (Tie not required.) Continue to lead and drive this process. Maintain high standards, model and support everybody’s learning and well-being, bring the best out of this team.
  • Facilitate a kick-ass design process. Bring bold, skillful thinking into the fray, both my own as well as the rest of the team’s (including the Wye leaders).
    • Through July, will take a lead on facilitating the design process, with the intention of gradually shifting this role to Alison in order to focus more on the 2017 process.
  • Continue to build and support the team, including STP staff. Weave in new talent. Make sure we’re constantly checking in, evolving our working agreements, staying at peak performance.
  • Model vulnerability. This is hard. Don’t get stuck or discouraged. Constant forward movement, exploration, openness.
  • Take pictures!
Silly Alison.jpg

Alison Lin

No soy, dairy, or gluten; Front of plane (first), window seat (second)

Support the network planning process
  • Participate in the design process, contribute to syntheses, strategy, and development of artifacts.
  • Lead facilitator for experiments
  • Information hygiene: Create meeting notes stubs. Make sure decisions and next steps are clearly recorded and transferred to the appropriate place.
  • Play a heavy role facilitating the leaders through the design process, working closely with Eugene to make sure that the leaders stay on task, using the experiments framework as a guide.
  • Provide on-site support for face-to-face meetings
  • Eugene’s backup. Stay connected to the big picture. Be ready to fill in if Eugene is unavailable.
  • Take pictures!


Silly Idelisse.jpg

Idelisse Malave
Senior Advisor


Silly Eden.jpg

Eden Kidane
Program Manager

No dietary restrictions

Silly Haitham.jpg

Haitham Shammaa
Data Associate

No unicorn meat

Amy Wu

Kristin Cobble

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