Miles River/Communication channels

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Tool Use when... Don't use when...
  • Tracking tasks for Miles River
Google Calendar
  • Scheduling anything related to this project. Make sure we invite individuals to those.
  • Write in your individual availability (e.g. when you’re taking time off or are out of town or slated on another project)
  • Note: Eden is upkeeping STP network calendar for Jodie and self.
Google Drive
  • Assume everything is half-baked unless told otherwise
  • Put every file there, including non-Google Docs
  • Weekly checkins on Monday
  • Many convos about project. Trying to avoid email.
  • Like your virtual office. Review it at least once a day. See Slack for more on which channels to monitor.
  • Individual mention if you want to make sure someone sees it or if it’s urgent
  • Try to be on it when working and available
  • Don't try to follow every single conversation exhaustively. See Slack for more on which channels to monitor.
  • Design
  • See/Talk with each other
  • For status updates unless Slack / Trello isn’t working for this
  • When urgent
  • For longer conversations
  • In general, phone calls should be between (9-5) unless super urgent
  • Call Eugene or Alison anytime. Doesn’t have to be scheduled.
  • Mostly externally-facing communication