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Rhythm matters.

We want to be as realistic as possible about what it’s going to take to get the work done. Delays when there are dependencies affect other people’s ability to follow-through. We set deadlines. If we can’t meet them, we will notify others as soon as possible.

Pace. Reflection. Conversations that matter.

Overall Phase Cycle

Beginning End
  • If you're unavailable, note it on Google Calendar
  • Debrief


Beginning End
  • Create monthly Miles River meetings log
  • Update nav links to key logs, docs on this site


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Standing checkin on Slack #checkins
  • Review Trello Done column, and celebrate on Slack #milesriver!
  • Last person to check in on Slack archives the Trello Done column
  • Julia off
  • Julia available morning only
  • Eugene not available for meetings except in special circumstances


  • Business hours: 9-5
  • Review and update Trello board
  • Review Slack at least once a day. Ideally, you’re on Slack when you’re on your computer during business hours. For Mac users, we recommend using the Slack app.