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Team admin: Jodie


  • Weekly checkins on Monday
  • Many convos about project. Trying to avoid email.
  • Like your virtual office. Review it at least once a day, although not exhaustively. See below for more on which channels to monitor.
  • Individual mention if you want to make sure someone sees it or if it’s urgent
  • Try to be on it when working and available


Team members should all be subscribed to bolded channel names. All other channels are optional.

#calendar-ms_miles — Google Calendar feed for Ms. Miles calendar (i.e. Invisible Guest experiment)
#calendar-stp_net — Google Calendar feed for STP Network Planning calendar
#carenotes — Updates on things we should know about each other and our network so that we can be supportive (e.g. good news, bad news, etc.)
#checkins — Monday morning checkins
#experiments — Experiments
#milesriver — Default channel. Admin and other "meta" issues
#muscles_mindsets — Muscles and Mindsets channel
#networkdesign — All things related to the Wye River and Black Lake planning processes
#networkdesign-updates — RSS feed from Websites/STP Network Organizing
#random — Beyonce videos, pictures of Trump signs, and anything else you'd like
#trello — Trello feed of project updates
#what_we_are_saying — Links from and about our leaders

If you're working for Social Transformation Project but are not part of Miles River and want to stay informed about what's happening, at minimum, you should subscribe to and follow:


Uploading Files

To upload files, go to the appropriate channel, click on the "+" to the left of the chat entry box, and follow the instructions.

Slack Uploading Files.png

Renaming Channels

Only a team admin or the creator of a channel can rename a channel:

  • Open the channel
  • Clear the gear icon on the top of the channel page
  • Select Additional Options
  • Select Rename Channel

Adding Custom Emoji

Create custom emoji. You can find good, animated ones at Slackmojis.