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We have a public Trello board for managing our internal tasks.


Current High-Level Priorities This Week Right Now Done Next Week Backlog Notes
Group and individual high-level priorities Tasks that need to get done this week Tasks that you are currently working on Tasks that are finished. This list gets archived every Monday by whomever checks in last. Tasks that you need to work on next week. These tasks get moved to This Week every Monday. Tasks that need to get done eventually Notes about this Trello board


  • Wye River — internal focused tasks relating to Wye River.
  • Black Lake — internal focused tasks relating to Black Lake.
  • Storytelling — includes website and other external focused communications
  • Meta — more admin and less content focused. (e.g. calendar logistics)
  • Experiment — if on experiment dashboard then goes in experiment.

Story Points

We use the Scrum notion of estimated story points to note how much effort each task will take. Our point system roughly maps to time spent:

  • .5 pt for small/easy tasks (5-15 min)
  • 1 pts for hour-long tasks
  • 3 pts for half-day tasks
  • 8 pts for full-day tasks

To indicate estimated story points, include the number of points in parenthesis in the card's title. (Or, use the Scrum for Trello extension for Google Chrome described below.)


Our Trello board has lots of tasks, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by everything. If you click on Show Menu on the upper right, and select Filter Cards in the menu, you can narrow down the cards to specific users or labels.

Recommended Google Chrome Extensions

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you'll find these extensions useful. (There may be equivalents for other browsers.)